Under Armour Men’s Tech 2.0 Short-Sleeve T-Shirt

اشتري اونلاين بأفضل الاسعارUnder Armour Men’s Tech 2.0 Short-Sleeve T-Shirt✓ شحن سريع و مجاني✓ ارجاع مجاني✓ الدفع عند

رمز المنتج: B07814LBR9 التصنيف:
  • نسيج بتقنية يو ايه سريعة التجفيف مع شعور طبيعي أكثر ويتميز بنعومة قصوى
  • مصنوع من خامة تمتص العرق وتجف بسرعة كبيرة
  • الخامة: 100% بوليستر 
  • تركيبة الخامة: 100% بوليستر 
  • تعليمات العناية: غسيل بالغسالة 
  • نوع الكم: أكمام قصيرة 
  • طريقة الإغلاق: سحب 

أفضل المراجعات من المملكة السعودية العربية

Extremely disappointed with this t-shirt. I purchased the exact same t-shirt from Under Armour directly a couple of years ago so wanted to get another one for work outs. I could already feel the difference in material. The one from Amazon (purchased direct from Amazon not a seller) has creases already which the one I purchased previously wouldn’t. Even the logo is different. My one purchased previously has a raised logo whereas the Amazon one is flat.Makes me wonder if this is fake or just the ones made for Europe are of a much lower quality.Pay a little more and buy direct. Will be returning this top for a refund for sure.

I brought my first under amour t shirt a couple of days ago when I opened the wrapper I noticed there was a sizing sticker on the front of the shirt when I tried to peel this off it left a strip of adhesive and has damaged the fabric I ordered a replacement and it has come with the same sticker so I tried to remove it and it left the same adhesive and damage to the fabric.I would like another one to be sent out and please stop sticking the sizing sticker on the shirt as this will keep leaving the adhesive and damaging the shirt.

Rob Cook1.0:
I originally ordered two of these T shirts. On arrival I found that both of them had a problem where the long size label on the front of the shirt left a sticky white deposit. Obviously not being happy with this situation I returned them and ordered replacements only to find that they also had this problem. In total four T shirts returned very surprised at this because Under Armour T shirts tend to be very good in my experience. I rang Under Armour UK to ask whether this was a known problem but they stated that they had never heard of this problem.

Filipe Mitchell5.0:
I bought a couple of these shirts for the gym and i really like them.In my opinnion they look really nice the color options are great (even though i went with just black) but most importantly they are very lightweight. When you wear them you will feel very light and they are comfortable.So far i had no problems even with sweat from training it seems to dry fairly quickly.I never used the first models so i can not speak to how they compare but i am very impressed with this and will definitely buy more of this in the future.In terms of size they are a bit on the loose format so you should take that in consideration i usually wear M/L and for this case M was perfect.Heigh: 1.90mWeight: 87kgSize: M

Amazon Customer3.0:
This is the second t-shirt I have bought now from this brand and although I do like the t-shirts in general the major issue which I cannot understand why it has not been picked up on in quality control is that the t-shirts come with a long sticker on them denoting the t-shirt size.When this sticker is peeled off it leaves a nasty mark/residue which is difficult to remove even after washing. Why is this sticker necessary when the t-shirt already comes with a label denoting the size which can be cut off easily?




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