Body Sculpture Kettlebells (4-12KG)

اشتري اونلاين بأفضل الاسعارBody Sculpture Kettlebells (4-12KG)✓ شحن سريع و مجاني✓ ارجاع مجاني✓ الدفع عند

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Fantastic piece of kit. I bought this to get my teenage son a bit of exercise. The trick is to turn it into a game. He is 15 and fairly fit but could do more. So I set a new challenge. Live with this 10kg weight for 1 month. It must always be within touching distance except when leaving the house. If he succeeds he gets £20 off his next console game and bigger muscles. If I catch him without it he loses 7 days off his monthly total. Only one day off is allowed whenever he chooses.I think this will do him good.BTW his last challenge was 50 press-ups sit-ups pull-ups and squats in a one hour period. He start only managing one pull-up. But several weeks later he succeeded.

Tech user4.0:
bought these due to the brand and they are pretty well made – but they are really quite big compared to the usual round ones. They are filled with something (not made of solid or cast iron) and one of them rattles.My daughter is fairly happy with them but due to not being round causes some obstruction when she does a certain exercise.

These took a long time to arrive but the seller was responsive and helpful with tracking which is all you can ask under the current circumstances! They’re decent quality and do what you need a kettlebell to do. The only downside is that they ‘rattle’ like there’s debris inside which is a little annoying and detracts from the overall quality. Nevertheless very decent for the price and I would order a similar product from this seller in the future.

The kettlebells are quite big. I am using a pair and if I had small hands wouldn’t find them that comfortable to grip and due to size some exercises are restricted. One of the blue bands was loose but resolved by refitting. One handle has something moving and knocking in it. The weight of each is 6.5kg. A workout instruction sheet comes with them. I like that they are flat and stable on ground. There were no scratches dinks or dents on them. For me they do the job not sure they would suit everybody though.

A good product but you can buy it at Tesco for almost half the price – wish I’d realised before!





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