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  • العلامة التجارية: زيبو
  • النوع: ولاعات

العلامة التجارية زيبو
اللون أسود غير لامع
النمط بدون شعار
وزن السلعة 0.05 كيلوجرام
أبعاد المنتج 35L x 10W x 55Th ملي متر

خفيفة الوزن وسهلة الحملالعلامة التجارية: زيبوالنوع: ولاعات

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Way back in the mists of time (okay the late 1980s) I had a matte black Zippo lighter that was my best friend. Never let me down even in the middle of a windy Festival field. Somewhere between getting married and birthing a sprog I lost the blinking thing. So 26 years later and unable to kick the nicotine habit and getting increasingly sick of disposable lighters (not only do they have a habit of jamming the flint when still half full but they are plastic of a non-recyclable kind) I decided it was time to treat myself to a new Zippo. I did look at various designs and pricepoints but decided that I would go with a direct replacement for my old favourite and purchased a black matte lighter.I have to admit that the price did make me wonder if this would be a genuine Zippo when I looked at them in a local shop even the basic versions (ie. no nice design or engraving) started at £30. I am relieved to report that it is very definitely a genuine product and the build quality that I remember is still there. The lighter units sits snuggly in it’s case and there is no lid or hinge movement when closed. Just waiting until I’ve had it 6 months and the hinge relaxes a little so you can flick it open with one wrist flick and then flick it closed again – annoying little habit but one I look forward to resurrecting.Comes with the wick ready threaded and a flint in place in a cardboard presentation box with guarantee. The box is nicely styled and does make it look special. You do need to provide the lighter petrol yourself (somehow I still had half a tin so didn’t need to purchase any) but it is readily available both online and at Tobacco kiosks and counters in Supermarkets. Filling it is easy and easy to overfill too – I did and there was fuel on the case outer and inside the lid. Makes it fun those first couple of strikes as it will catch. However despite having a little fire on the outside of the case it did not damage the finish which shows no sign of my clumsiness.In these days of Climate Change small changes can make a difference. So if you are still a traditional cigarette or cigar smoker or like the Great Outdoors and usually carry a disposable plastic lighter one easy change is going to a sturdy true refillable lighter (lets face it those plastic things have a butane refill port but who bothers to try?). A tried and tested brand that is functional but somehow manages to remain stylish and will last you for your lifetime (if you are careful and don’t lose it) has to be better than adding to landfill.

Rob H1.0:
The price is fairly cheap but the quality is very low. I’ve had Zippo’s in the past and they’ve been superb but stupidly I’ve lost them so I thought I’d treat myself to a knew one. The problem is the new one is very cheap the lid doesn’t close tightly and so fuel evaporation is an issue and it takes several strikes to light. At first I thought I’d bought a fake but it seems it’s genuine. Maybe you have to spend a lot more to actually get a decent one but I’ve been put off Zippo’s and will not be purchasing another one which is a shame because they have always been cool.

I did everything I was supposed to. I didn’t perform stunts with this lighter I didn’t do “cool” tricks I rarely even dropped it and when I did it was dropped from a low height onto carpet I never took it scuba diving neither did I climb mountains and set fire to Tibet with it – and yet… Not FOUR years into ownership of what I thought would be me doing my bit to combat plastic pollution this lighter decided to fall apart. The first thing to go was the insert sometime during year three. The spring decided to break whilst being gently cleaned no bother I thought I’ll buy a new insert.Oh hindsight why dost thou mock me so?Year four was when this cheap nasty knockoff lighter decided to really begin committing suicide. First the lower half of the case became looser and looser and not gripping the insert correctly allowing fluid to leak into my pocket and making me a walking fire hazard in the process. Then the hinge decided it was time to get floppy. Then more floppy. Then floppier still until finally on the 21st June four years after purchase – the hinge fully disintegrated.Alas! This was just the beginning of more “fun” times!Living in the UK as I do I decided I would hold Zippo to their word and send this lighter body (minus the insert) in for repair at their cost I first assumed I would have to send it to that there America where hoping it would avoid getting arrested and shot for no reason it would be repaired but NO! How the times have changed! NOW I have to send it to an address in England whereupon it is sent to Germany for the hinge to be repaired then sent back to a half way house for wayward Zippo’s in England before it’s eventful and eventual return to yours truly!Apparently England knows nothing of such arcane arts as Zippo repair. The country that built steam engines cannot handle a little bit of spot welding it seems! Could I send it directly to Germany myself? Absolutely not don’t you know that there’s a forwarding centre in Milton Keynes that NEEDS to send this on on my behalf – jobs are at stake here dammit! Vital jobs with valuable income.Bearing all of the above in mind it is now where the absurd spectacle of my country peoples strange voting habits comes into play. My country was recently manipulated into leaving the European Common Market during a vote labelled with a six letter portmanteau word that I will not darken this website by repeating nevertheless this word rhymes with “Dreck Slit”. I’m certain that even semi sentient rocks know of what I speak.You know what’s coming don’t you?Yes I’m certain that you do.THREE months later I am still awaiting the return of what was at best a temporarily reliable ignition source – because… Paperwork.In conclusion… Don’t expect this to be a long lasting lighter. Don’t expect that you’ll be doing your bit to reduce plastic pollution and DO expect the thing to fall apart at the mildest of provocation – perhaps I looked at my Zippo too sternly once too often? Maybe I did a naughty swear too many times near it? Did I give my lighter anxiety? Could it be that I made my own lighter suicidal by… er… using it? We may never know.All we do know is that the journey for repair in England will be a journey worthy of being chronicled by Homer himself (No NOT the cartoon character the ancient Greek you uncultured philistines!) or perhaps a Viking Saga?Needless to say if I ever do see my Zippo again I shall christen it Siegfreid place it on prominent display NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES ACTUALLY USE IT FOR IT’S PURCHASED PURPOSE and be extremely careful not to swear near it lest it disintegrate again.EDITED TO ADD: Huzzah! My lighter has returned FOUR MONTHS LATER well travelled and with a broader outlook on life and people! It avoided a confrontation with Fenrir dodged the Beowulf and has benefited enormously for not having been touched by American hands and instead having been lovingly caressed by our German cousins who it turns out know considerably more about engineering and are more than capable of building a non wobbling hinge for a small lighter. Now that it has been rebuilt at somebody else’s cost I am finally a happy firestarter.WOMP WOMP!!

How many cheap plastic lighters do you buy and how long do they last not to mention the money they cost. Add it up I did so I bought a zippo. Life time gaurentee I’ve dropped mine quite a few times on hard surfaces and it lasted each knock and drop. Buy extra flints which are cheap along with the fuel and away you go. Wind proof means no more looking to light your cig inside an open jacket. Forget buying the multi plastic lighters as they don’t last long. With so many designs you have are ally wide choice but I bought this one so did my neiphew and he has the same opinion.

Hallodie Lieferung erfolgte schnell und die Verpackung sah echt edel aus. Leider löste sich am selben Tag an dem ich es meinem Freund geschenkt habe nach wenigen Stunden tragen in der Hosentasche schon die schwarze Pulver Beschichtung an den Ecken. Das war leider sehr schade und enttäuschend denn ich habe es extra noch gravieren lassen und nun ist hier gar nichts mehr edel:( Ja mir ist bewusst es ist ein Gebrauchsgegenstand aber nach wenigen Stunden so ein Ergebnis ist trotzdem nicht schön ich würde es nicht nochmal kaufen. Zum Bestaunen in einem Schrank oder sonst wo sicherlich gut!Nachtrag nach Tag 3:Einfach oll und hässlich bin echt enttäuscht:( Anscheinend hatte ich einfach Pech aber sowas sollte und darf nicht passieren:(




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